About us

Miralex sp. z o.o. is a modern, dynamic company, specializing in wholesale trade in medicines, medical devices and cosmetics, distribution and manufacturing. For 20 years we effectivly operate on the polish market, still upgrading our skills and expanding the range of activities in the fields of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Our main areas of interest are: gynecology, proctology, dentistry, first contact medicine, probiotic, gastroenterology, cosmetology.


For many years we cooperate with reputable research estabilishments and state institutions. We specialize in recording and effective implementation on the polish market for new formulations. For each of our products we develop indyvidual marketing strategies, our preparations are distributed by a group of qualified and adequately trained medical and pharmaceutical representatives. By promoting our products, we actively participate in symposia, conferences and medical conferences, liaising with the medical community. We have our own warehouses and transport fleet, making goods quickly and efficently reach our customers.

We have sales offices in Poznan, Warsaw and Pila.


As part of cosmetic department - related with foot care specialist- since 2003 we provide General Preventive Program "Healthy Legs". The project cooperates with specialists in the field of dermatology and cosmetology, organizing high-quality trainings. The hallmark of the program is free for patients medical newspaper "Healthy Legs".



 Our lastest venture is opening our own Miralex's Conference Centre.